Security Services

Security guard male and female

B.S. Security and Services offers both male and female security guards on the basis of the requirements of clients. These days, security is a major concern and therefore at this company, we offer specialist security services in the areas like malls, shopping centers, office spaces, external areas and car parks. The security guards offered by us are well trained and well equipped with different innovative technologies to perform the protection, guard and concierge duties to the topmost standard.

Industrial security guard

At B.S. Security and Services, we undertake contracting with topmost business or industrial houses to offer foolproof static activities to avoid damage/loss to the commercial properties while adding to the images of these firms by well turned out and smart guards. The industrial security guards offered by our company are capable of performing duties like access control, patrol, console operation, reception, crowd control and communication with a history of clean and reliable background.

Bank and ATM security guard

B.S. Security and Services is a well known provider of Protection Security regulators of Banks and ATMs. Being highly experienced in this field, we always aim to maintain the best quality services for our clients. The services offered by these guards include: secured transfer of cash and other valuables, security guards and multi-point cash collection services. The bank and ATM security guards of our company offer security regulators for 24 hours duty on rotational basis. Besides, the cost of hiring us is competitive.

Housing complex security service

Security in the housing complexes is highly important for a peaceful and safe life. Considering this importance, B.S. Security and Services offers top notch housing complex security service to ensure the safety of people and their belongings. Being a pro in this field, we don’t only offer security services. Rather, we analyze and research well to offer realistic and specific security recommendations that help to reduce risk for residences.

Special event security guard

B.S. Security and Services understands the requirements of offering professional security service for special events. Therefore, we offer a wide range of event security services that include ticket collecting, ushers, guest service, crowd control, bag checkers, metal detecting personnel, concert security, parking attendants and court/field security. Before offering the security service, we offer our clients complete risk assessments that include complete assessment of security vulnerabilities, plotting floor plans with the security guard locations etc.

Commercial establishment’s service:

B.S. Security and Services specializes in offering trained security professionals for protecting commercial establishments through constant vigilance supervised by day and night checks. So, by choosing this company as your security partner, you can ensure to have alert and smart both armed and unarmed guards for commercial establishments to get round the clock security.